About Us

H.O.P.E for Tomorrow, Inc., (Helping Ourselves Produce Excellence) is 501(c)(3) not-for-profit agency providing services to youth and their families in the Greater Pittsburgh communities through partnerships developed with local schools districts, churches, businesses, community and civic groups.

Our mission is to develop youth, in partnership with their parents, in the West End to compete in the global community. This is accomplished by addressing academic, socio-economic , and relational risk factors. 

It is the intention of H.O.P.E. for Tomorrow, Inc. to foster a commitment to members of the community which will promote healthy self-image, self-esteem and selfie-expression leading to the development stronger members of society in tomorrow's world.

Our Challenges

Our vision is to create an environment where youth and their families can overcome the challenges that accompany the community's increase in single parent households, teen pregnancies, gang activity, unemployment and academic failures. Many youth and their family express a loss of faith in the future. The challenge of today appears to be the loss of HOPE

Our Solutions

To restore faith and hope, prevention and early intervention programs and services are developed to encourage pro-social activities and build positive connection between our youth and his/her community. 

It is our belief that Helping Ourselves Produce Excellence for Tomorrows not only our vision, it is a mission.

'Our HOPE for TOMORROW begins TODAY'